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We provide true, meaningful, results-oriented service. 

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If you’re looking at this, you are probably seeking Marketing Communications and/or PR help. So let’s cut to the chase. Most firms promise strategy, counseling and contacts, and that they will successfully promote you or your company.


What makes us different? 

We are Partners, not Vendors.

We respond quickly

We are on top of what you and your company are doing.

We anticipate your needs

And relate it to real time real events that may affect your business.

We get involved

We learn everything we can about you and your organization.

We have been there

We worked in the private sector/public sector/family owned/publicly traded/Federal, State & Local governments.

We Know What WE Are Doing

Matt Chadderdon has worked in the public sector representing a United States Senator and has worked for a Governor. He understands how legislation is passed, budgets are established and who and when to advocate for a client. This Public Sector experience offered an education on how public policy is developed and influenced by the general public and those who represent special interests. This experience is helpful in creating strategies for clients.
In addition, Chadderdon has worked for public companies, global corporations and family owned enterprises.  This experience combined with his public sector work allows BlueWater Strategic Communications to offer a unique perspective and skill set that most advertising firms cannot offer.  From heavy manufacturing and technology companies to real estate and healthcare, BlueWater has knowledge and insight on how to position a clients program as well as how to influence public opinion using a strategy that uses all necessary mediums. We understand the value of developing a strategy and implementing the tactics to make the strategy work.  (Learn More – Green Bonds Legislation
In 2004, Congress authorized up to $2 billion in federally tax-exempt bonds to finance large construction projects that serve as demonstrations of cutting-edge alternative energy technologies. The program was inserted into the American Jobs Creation Act at the urging of Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, and then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY. Language in the law restricted it to four projects.  Chadderdon was instrumental in developing this federal tax legislation to promote green technology in the US.


Learn More About High Performance Health Care

High Performance Health Care – Chadderdon led the effort at Welch Allyn as Vice President of Marketing Communications and Global Brand Management to develop a multi faceted approach to sustainable practices in healthcare. See Summary  Below

About High-Performance Healthcare™

High-Performance Healthcare is a multi-faceted approach incorporating more than just being “green”. Here at Welch Allyn, we strive to bring sustainable practices to the frontline healthcare professional.

Did you know infection control is a major environmental issue in hospitals and clinics? The Institute of Medicine found that hospital-acquired infections are among the leading causes of death in the United States and cost the healthcare industry an estimated $4.5 - $7.5 billion annually. Welch Allyn has focused on infection control and has developed a number of products that will help reduce infection rates in healthcare settings.

Reducing medical errors is another environmental issue we think is important to help improve healthcare settings' sustainability. Medical errors are the eighth leading cause of death in the United States and cost $1 billion annually. Welch Allyn has invested a significant amount of its resources to develop solutions that allow healthcare data to be transmitted automatically to electronic medical records—further improving patient safety and decreasing inefficiencies.

General practitioners also play a strategic role in creating a sustainable healthcare system. We provide frontline caregivers the necessary tools to help disease prevention activities, improve efficiency and quality, and keep people out of acute care settings.


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