What sets us apart?

We help our clients build their brands, get attention and change public behavior.


Our Strengths

Proven leadership skills in the areas of: strategic public relations; media relations; external and internal communications; public affairs; government relations; new media; electronic and social media; internet and intranet web content development; crisis communications; marketing strategy development. 



Our Impact

Everything we do, even the slightest thing we do, can have a ripple effect and repercussions that emanate.


Services and Experience

We are a full-service integrated marketing, public relations, consulting, crisis communications and event management firm located in central New York.



We have significant experience across many sectors that allows us to position our clients in the public eye with targeted engagement. Blue Water has proven experience designing and implementing corporate communications and executive positioning programs, allowing us to elevate leadership and refresh a brand, or reposition an organization’s image. 


We help companies and organizations understand what their brand really means and create a relationship — a connection — between you and your consumer.Brand positioning is essential to marketing strategy. We work collaboratively with you to better refine your unique position in the marketplace, your key differentiator, your  future vision.


In situations when time is of the essence and the organization is facing a crisis, we are proven crisis communications managers We have experience with labor issues, management changes, recalls and other challenges that have trained us to provide clients with superior judgment and coordinated action. We will handle message development, media relations, communications strategy, and digital media management. 


For us, public relations is a means to influence channels and form impressions. We will use a variety of  mediums from traditional media to digital platforms like social media, apps, and websites.


We have the experience, tools, and expertise to help you influence government issues, legislative proposals, and public policy positions. Innovation drives a lot of success, but so do public and private sector partnerships . Our coalition management pairs stakeholder engagement with media relations and issues management tailored to our clients’ needs.


Your website is an extension of your brand. Even with the proliferation of social media platforms, it is still essential to cultivate a contemporary web presence for your business or brand. We will work with you through strategy, planning, requirements gathering, site architecture and design.


We understand how important live, face-to-face events are to building a truly integrated strategy. Our marketing and communications experts work to plan and program forums and events that engage the public, the press and other businesses.



Matt possesses a unique combination of creative problem solving, marketing acumen and deep understanding of the nuances of the healthcare industry. He is one of those people you enjoy listening to and always walk away feeling enlightened after being with him.
Julie Wegman, Healthcare Practice Director, Martino Flynn